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How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Group Coaching

In small groups (max of 3 participants), we'll explore different relationship styles, psychological predispositions that may be affecting us, past relationship factors, and where we stand today. We'll also focus on specific actions and set goals to get you on the path to attracting and having a healthy relationship.

Activities include:

- (2) 90 minute sessions

- Assessment checklist

- Customized Action Plan

 Pricing: $50 per session ($100 total)

Individual Coaching

In one-on-one sessions, we'll dive really deep into your specific situation and background. We'll uncover your relationship style, psychological predispositions that are affecting you, past relationship factors and where you stand today. We'll set really specific actions and goals to get you to a place of happy growth; to a place where you are attracting and having healthy relationships.


- Starter kit mailed to you with special surprises and your own customized journal so you can stay energized, inspired and on track with your love goals.

- (6) 60 minute sessions *

- Assessment checklist

- Customized Action Plan

-A recording of each session for you to reference

-Check-ins throughout the week to inspire you and keep you on track

* I ask every client to commit to at least 6 sessions. The commitment to that length of time is vital because it took a lifetime to create who you are, making changes isn’t going to happen over night. It is a commitment to yourself and to the amazing person that you are meant to become.
Pricing: $75 per session ($450 total)

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how to have a healthy relationship